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Special for Students and First Time Voters

College Voting Prep Guide College students have plenty on their plates, and when election season comes around, figuring out the voting process can seem overwhelming to deal with. Taking the time to get prepped for voting may not seem appealing, but young voters can have a huge impact on the United States political scene. This guide can smooth the process and help college students ensure they are registered and well-informed when it comes time to fill out their ballots.

Guide for Students Who Are Voting for the First Time Navigating the Election Process for Students & First Time Voters A Beginners Guide to Election Rights, Rules and Regulations

7 Lesson Plans for NYS teachers of Grade 12 Participation in Government Course

The goal of these lessons is to educate New York State's future voters to become active citizens. Students will develop a better understanding of how public policy is made in New York and learn more about their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

The seven lesson plans are designed to provide teachers and students with information specific to New York State. Lessons can be customized to meet the needs of individual classrooms or student interests and are designed to be inquiry-based and non-partisan. The lessons are based on the Key Ideas and Social Studies Practices of the New York State Social Studies Curriculum Framework.

Lesson topics include:
- The structure of New York State Government
- Individual rights and responsibilities in New York State
- Voting in New York State
- The Public Policy Process (Laws) in New York
- Influencing New York State Government
- Participating in Political Action in Your Local Community
- Participating in Community Service in Your Local Community

September 24, 2018 Press Release

Civics Education Lesson Plans

Local League Youth Programs

A sampling of imaginative League Youth Programs in NYS run by local Leagues